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git diff --ignore-all-space


Ignore whitespace when comparing lines. This ignores differences even if one line has whitespace where the other line has none. wと同等。



integrity sha resolved URL bundled バンドルされた依存関係

Git trackされたファイル一覧


応用力がない。。。 $ git ls-tree -r master --name-only

awscli 2.1.38


api-change:dms: AWS DMS added support of TLS for Kafka endpoint. Added Describe endpoint setting API for DMS endpoints. api-change:codestar-connections: This release adds tagging support for CodeStar Connections Host resources api-change:r…



AWS CloudFormation 製品を作成する際にアップロードする AWS Service Catalog テンプレートは、Amazon Simple Storage Service アカウントで Amazon S3 で始まる cf-templates- (AWS) バケットに保存されます。これらのファイルが使用されていないことが確…

embulk 0.10.30

Release Release v0.10.30 · embulk/embulk · GitHub さよならjoda

brew 3.1.2

Release 3.1.2 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

curl 7.76.1

Release 7.76.1 · curl/curl · GitHub


特定の行だけ排他制御する。 MySQLだと SELECT xxxx FOR UPDATE;

git log 今日だけ


git log --after="yesterday" git log --since="yesterday" Commit Limitingあたりを読んでもいまいちよくわからないという。

brew 3.1.0

3.1.0 — Homebrew GitHub Packages is the default package download/upload location on macOS and Linux. とな

vim 8.2.2750


Release v8.2.2750: patch 8.2.2750: Vim9: error for using underscore in nested function · vim/vim · GitHub Problem: Vim9: error for using underscore in nested function. Solution: Do not consider "_" already defined. (closes #8096)

pyenv 1.2.26

Release 1.2.26 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub cpython 3.9.4

PHP Module '%s' already loaded


7.4.16だとこのあたりがエラー処理の実装っぽいけど、読んだところで今のところは何もわからない。 PHPのextensionがすでにロードされているってことは、自分が思っているphpの設定とは別なところですでにモジュールがロードされている可能性が強いので、や…

awscli 2.1.36


api-change:ivs: This release adds support for the Auto-Record to S3 feature. Amazon IVS now enables you to save your live video to Amazon S3. api-change:robomaker: This release allows RoboMaker customers to specify custom tools to run with…

awscli 2.1.35


api-change:auditmanager: AWS Audit Manager has updated the GetAssessment API operation to include a new response field called userRole. The userRole field indicates the role information and IAM ARN of the API caller. api-change:ssm: Suppor…

Jenkins 2.287

fish shell 3.2.2

The command-not-found handler used suggestions from pacman on Arch Linux, but this caused major slowdowns on some systems and has been disabled (#7841). fish will no longer hang on exit if another process is in the foreground on macOS (#79…

ruby-build 20210405

Release ruby-build 20210405 · rbenv/ruby-build · GitHub Add JRuby definition Use autoreconf -i instead of autoconf because autoconf-2.71+ is incompatible with 2.69 or before. Added 3.0.1, 2.7.3, 2.6.7, 2.5.9

ECR ライフサイクルポリシー

AWS たとえばこれをそのままJSON編集から登録するとライフサイクルポリシーが動く。 imageとタグを混同しがちなんだけど、とりあえず以下の書き方で、prefix-で始まるタグだけを500残すように設定できる。 { "rules": [ { "action": { "type…

phpstan 0.12.83


Release 0.12.83 · phpstan/phpstan · GitHub Precise try-catch-finally analysis など

pyenv 1.2.25

Release 1.2.25 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub opensslのアレとか

awscli 2.1.34


api-change:batch: AWS Batch adds support for Amazon EFS File System api-change:lightsail: - This release adds support for state detail for Amazon Lightsail container services. api-change:iotwireless: Add Sidewalk support to APIs: GetWirele…

CloudWatch Insight parse

AWS FIELDS @message | PARSE @message "* [*] *" as loggingTime, loggingType, loggingMessage | FILTER loggingType IN ["ERROR", "INFO"] | DISPLAY loggingMessage, loggingType = "ERROR" as isError messageにた…

composer 2.0.12


Release 2.0.12 · composer/composer · GitHub Fixed support for new GitHub OAuth token format など

curl 7.76.0


Jenkins 2.286

Release 2.286 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub Better support for remote platform-plugins.json Add CI environment variable など

brew 3.0.10

Release 3.0.10 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub workflows: fix commit signing by nandahkrishna · Pull Request #10961 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub あとはworkflowとかbumpとか

git 2.31.1


git/2.31.1.txt at master · git/git · GitHub fsmonitorあたりかなあ 特に大きな変更はないかも

awscli 2.1.32


Release 2.1.32 · aws/aws-cli · GitHub なんかv1よりリリース頻度低いな。 api-change:ec2: X2gd instances are the next generation of memory-optimized instances powered by AWS-designed, Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors. api-change:ec2: maximu…