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awscli 2.8.0


feature:packaging: Removed setup.cfg and in favor of pyproject.toml. Build backend changed from setuptools/wheel to flit_core (#7287 <>__). api-change:location: This release adds place IDs, which are unique identifiers of places, al</>…

ruby-build v20220930

Add JRuby Use GMP from Homebrew if available Fix linking to system OpenSSL on OpenSUSE rbenv-install: suggest rbenv global if there is no explicit global setting rbenv-install: only print stderr notice if printing list output to a …

Jenkins 2.371


brew 3.6.3

extend/os/linux/development_tools: handle no /usr/bin/gcc Separate test from runtime dependencies in Formula#to_hash Checks GitHub API if homepage 404s during brew audit --online Include test deps when loading a formula from the API linux/…

Terraform ステートロック

ロックファイルっていうとtf.lockの方が出てこないこともないけれど、ロックの実態はバックエンド上にtflockファイルとして配置されている。 バックエンドによってはロックをサポートしていない場合もある。 ロック状態が終わらないならforce-unlockしてもい…


importするときはredis_versionは指定しなくてもいい read_replica_modeはtierがSTANDARD_HAの時に必要なパラメータだけど、空文字列で指定してもいい

terraform-google-kubernetes-engine beta-private-cluster min_master_version

Minimum master kubernetes version ってあるけど、HCLを見るとrelease_channelがUNSPECIFIEDの場合はmaster_versionを見てて、master_versionはリージョン指定ありならkubernetes_versionか最新のバージョンを取得しようとしてる。ドキュメントが書かれてい…

Backup for GKE


ワークロードのバックアップと復元の機能 割と最近できたようでベータ版 APIとBackup for GKE エージェントが動く Terraformではgke_backup_agent_configで設定する

redis 7.0.5

(CVE-2022-35951) Executing a XAUTOCLAIM command on a stream key in a specific state, with a specially crafted COUNT argument, may cause an integer overflow, a subsequent heap overflow, and potentially lead to remote code execution. The pro…

ruby-build 20220825

あれ、20220925じゃない? Show the log file to make it easy to follow progress Add JRuby

awscli 2.7.35


api-change:sagemaker: SageMaker now allows customization on Canvas Application settings, including enabling/disabling time-series forecasting and specifying an Amazon Forecast execution role at both the Domain and UserProfile levels. api-c…

phpstan 1.8.6


ignoreErrors: multiple messages and explicit reportUnmatched Improve JUnit error formatter Implement template type inference from conditional return type Optimize ConstantArrayType::isKeysSupersetOf() Enums cannot implement Serializable Co…

resolv.conf メモ

resolv.confファイル 「/etc/resolv.conf」ファイルは、名前解決(ホスト名からIPアドレスを調べること)の設定を行うファイル nameserver 「nameserver」の後ろには、そのコンピュータが名前解決に利用するDNSサーバのIPアドレスを記述します。記述するIPア…

AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup LaunchTemplate



docker compose 2.11.1

Keep depends_on condition when service has volumes_from keep the platform defined at service level during build if no build patforms provided keep the platform defined via DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM during build if no build platforms provided

brew 3.6.2

Adds brew docs to close #13834 by @troymccabe in #13844 formula_auditor: disallow SSPL. by @carlocab in #13858 diagnostic: improve cask quarantine messaging. by @MikeMcQuaid in #13864 autoremove: ignore build deps when built from src by @a…


fish_right_prompt is similar to fish_prompt, except that it appears on the right side of the terminal window. ターミナル右側に表示させるものを決める function fish_right_prompt -d "Write out the right prompt" date '+%m/%d/%y' end 個人的に日…


prompt_pwd is a function to print the current working directory in a way suitable for prompts. It will replace the home directory with “~” and shorten every path component but the last to a default of one character. 高機能なpwdっていったと…

awscil 2.7.33


api-change:ec2: This feature allows customers to create tags for vpc-endpoint-connections and vpc-endpoint-service-permissions. api-change:sagemaker: Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now supports specifying Hyperband strategy for tu…



出てた Task definition parameters - Amazon Elastic Container Service

composer 2.4.2


Fixed bash completion hanging when running as root without COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER set Fixed handling of plugin activation when running as root without COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER set so it always happens after prompting, or does not happen …

awscli 2.7.32


api-change:eks: Adding support for local Amazon EKS clusters on Outposts api-change:drs: Fixed the data type of lagDuration that is returned in Describe Source Server API api-change:pi: Increases the maximum values of two RDS Performance I…

docker compose 2.11.0

Add platforms build chore: add improvement output warning when pulling image logs: filter to services from current Compose file など。

Amazon ECS Agent - v1.63.1


Feature - Add VPC ID to TMDE v4 Task Responses. Feature - Add ServiceName to TMDE v4 Task Responses. Enhancement - Add codeowners file and update token permission to read only for workflow. Enhancement - Dependabot ecs-init fixes. github.c…

yamllint 1.28.0

Release v1.28.0 · adrienverge/yamllint · GitHub Better compress PNG image in documentation Remove __future__ imports specific to Python 2 Remove inheritance from object specific to Python 2 Simplify GitHub Actions example in documentation …

brew 3.6.1

Add messaging for homebrew/ubuntu16.04:master image deprecation test/dev-cmd/audit_spec: use eq instead of match Prevent require executing some scripts (fixes brew typecheck --update) update-sponsors: don't require admin token. sponsors-ma…

ruby-build 20220910

Fixed regex pattern for YJIT Release ruby-build 20220910 · rbenv/ruby-build · GitHub



TCP443で以下エンドポイントに接続できるようにしておく なお、VPCエンドポイントを使っている場合は上記エンドポイント用のVPCエンドポイントを作成しておく …

phpstan 1.8.5


PHP 8.2: Support true pseudotypes in native unions (#1539) など

ECS Agent 1.63.0


Feature 1 Enhancement 4 BugFix 6