by shigemk2


brew 2021-05-04

  • f2b2d8457 Update maintainers, manpage and completions.
  • aa3e623b2 Omit warning, as brew audit already covers this
  • 87cd97a52 Don't use --first-parent on core tap
  • 570b62dd7 prev_f -> upstream_f
  • f174d4363 extend/pathname: limit write override to a refinement
  • ca11dc92c dev-cmd/generate-man-completions: update description
  • 2aff9ef1e Update manpages and completions
  • b9b83edc1 dev-cmd: rename brew man to brew generate-man-completions
  • 4c67a8ce2 caveats: simplify non-plist return
  • ef153c755 build(deps): bump codecov/codecov-action


  • git logのbefore/afterはcommit dateを見るものであって、author dateを見るものではない。そしてgit logに出てくる日付はauthor dateなので、author dateとcommit dateが大幅に違ってたらものすごくめんくらう
  • commit dateとauthor dateを同時に見たいならpretty=fullerを使う
  • Macで動作したけど多分Linuxでも動くと思う
  • date=iso-localにしたのはISO8601で見たいから(普通に見ると時差が飛び交っててものすごく見づらい)
git log -p --pretty=fuller --date=iso-local --after='`date "+%Y-%m-%d" --date=yesterday`' --before='`date "+%Y-%m-%d 00:00:00"`'

brew 3.1.5

Release 3.1.5 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

  • Update maintainers, manpage and completions. (@Homebrew)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: Support adding root_url specs to bottle spec (@bluelabsio)
  • Introduce Ignorable module and provide the facility to try and ignore errors when loading historical formulae (@Bo98)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: remove double [tag]. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: handle empty collector tags. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • bottle: do not fail on missing bottle block (@iMichka)
  • dev-cmd: avoid uploading identical bottles. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • build(deps): bump rubocop-rspec from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 in /Library/Homebrew (@Homebrew)
  • services: fix array being flattened (@SMillerDev)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: fix all JSON filename (@Bo98)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: output more filenames when verbose. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: improve filename handling. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • docs: clarify upstream versions requirement (@Homebrew)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: add missing verbose puts. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • Conditional formulae and casks completion for Fish (@kidonng)
  • dev-cmd: add more --verbose bottle, pr-upload output. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • Cmd repair style (@hyuraku)
  • unpack_strategy/zip: ensure consistent timezone management (@Bo98)
  • Improve livecheck docs. (@reitermarkus)

awscli 2.2.1

Release 2.2.1 · aws/aws-cli · GitHub

  • api-change:organizations: Minor text updates for AWS Organizations API Reference
  • api-change:nimble: Amazon Nimble Studio is a virtual studio service that empowers visual effects, animation, and interactive content teams to create content securely within a scalable, private cloud service.
  • api-change:macie2: The Amazon Macie API now provides S3 bucket metadata that indicates whether a bucket policy requires server-side encryption of objects when objects are uploaded to the bucket.
  • api-change:cloudformation: Add CallAs parameter to GetTemplateSummary to enable use with StackSets delegated administrator integration
  • api-change:iotsitewise: AWS IoT SiteWise interpolation API will get interpolated values for an asset property per specified time interval during a period of time.
  • bugfix:configure: Fix list command to show correct profile location when AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE set, fixes #6119 <>__
  • api-change:connect: Updated max number of tags that can be attached from 200 to 50. MaxContacts is now an optional parameter for the UpdateQueueMaxContact API.
  • api-change:chime: Increase AppInstanceUserId length to 64 characters
  • api-change:mediapackage-vod: MediaPackage now offers the option to place your Sequence Parameter Set (SPS), Picture Parameter Set (PPS), and Video Parameter Set (VPS) encoder metadata in every video segment instead of in the init fragment for DASH and CMAF endpoints.
  • api-change:ecs: Add support for EphemeralStorage on TaskDefinition and TaskOverride
  • enhancement:arguments: Remove redundant '-' from two character pluralized acronyms in argument names
  • enhancement:arguments: Remove redundant '-' from two character pluralized acronyms in argument names

AWS CLI を使用して CloudTrail イベント GetSecretValueを表示するとき

基本的なつかいかたは公式ドキュメントを読んだらいいんだけど、 EventName GetSecretValueはregionを指定しないとイベントが取得できない。。。エラーじゃなくてカラのJSONが返ってくる。理由はちょっと謎いけど。 ちなみに--end-timeで2021-02-01と書くと2021-01-31 23:59:59までのデータを取ってくるっぽい。 (マネコンが叩いてるCloudTrailのAPIのクエリパラメータから使い方を類推した)


aws --region ap-northeast-1 cloudtrail lookup-events --lookup-attributes AttributeKey=EventName,AttributeValue=GetSecretValue --end-time "2021-02-01" --max-results 50 | jq -r '.Events[].Resources[].ResourceName' | sort | uniq -c