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pyenv 2.3.36

Dependabot設定追加、GitHubアクションバージョン自動更新 github-actionsグループ更新、1件のアップデート適用 python-config --ldflags 出力にインストールプレフィックス追加 miniconda3 23.11.0-1、23.11.0-2に対応、py3.11、py3.10、py3.9、py3.8サポー…

pyenv 2.3.34

graalpy-community: 別のパッケージ名を使用するよう修正 3.11.5+: デフォルトでOpenSSL 3を使用するよう変更 CPython 3.11.7: 追加

pyenv 2.3.31


pyenv 2.3.29

Add CPython 3.11.6 in #2806 Add GraalPy 23.1.0 definition using the faster Oracle GraalVM distribution in #2812 Install ncurses from Homebrew, if available in #2813

pyenv 2.3.28

Add CPython 3.12.0 Prioritize 'zlib from xcode sdk' flag correctly Prefer OpenSSL 3 in Homebrew in 3.13-dev Add CPython 3.12.0rc3 Add graalpy-23.1.0 and split between graalpy and graalpy-community Update the OpenSSL dependency for Python 2…

pyenv 2.3.27

Homebrewの3.12以降でOpenSSL 3を優先する変更 古いpypyバージョンのget-pip URLを修正 3.12.0rc2のopenssl URLを更新

pyenv 2.3.25

変更内容: CPython 3.8.18, 3.9.18, 3.10.13, 3.11.5を追加 (#2763)

pyenv 2.3.24

READMEの更新: 自動インストーラー近くにUNIXの参照を追加 #2744 MacOS CIのFreeBSDテストを修正 #2748 CPython 3.12.0rc1を追加 #2752 更新されたAnacondaとMinicondaのインストーラーを追加

pyenv 2.3.22

Add CPython 3.12.0b3 by @edgarrmondragon in #2730 Add Cinder 3.10 and Cinder configure patches by @filips123 in #2739

pyenv 2.3.20

Backport bpo-42351 to 3.5.10 Add missing patches for Python 3.7/3.8/3.9

pyenv 2.3.19


pyenv 2.3.18

pyenv versionsの未選択バージョンに対するシンボリックリンクの内容が表示されない問題を修正 3.10.11と3.11.3のhas_tar_xz_supportのelseブランチ内のリンクを修正 2682を修正し、pyenv_user_setup.bashファイルを修正 ヒアドキュメントのデリミタをランダ…

pyenv 2.3.17

Try locate readlink first in pyenv-hooks, fix #2654 by @Harry-Chen in #2655 Add CPython 3.12.0a7 by @edgarrmondragon in #2668 Add CPython 3.11.3 by @mirekdlugosz in #2671 Add CPython 3.10.11 by @mirekdlugosz in #2670

pyenv 2.3.16

Add Miniforge3-22.11.1-4 by @jlec in #2642 Add Anaconda3-2023.03 by @anton-petrov in #2648

pyenv 2.3.15

Add miniconda 23.1.0-1 by @aphedges in #2635 Add CPython 3.12.0a6 by @saaketp in #2638

pyenv 2.3.13

Fix pyenv-latest to ignore virtualenvs by @native-api in #2608 Show symlink contents in non-bare `pyenv versions' by @native-api in #2609 Ignore virtualenvs in `pyenv latest' in a clean way by @native-api in #2610 Fix link resolving in pye…

pyenv 2.3.11

Add CPython 3.12.0a4 by @Afront in #2590 Add a script to add the latest miniforge and mambaforge versions by @smcgivern in #2560 Add missing Miniforge/Mambaforge versions (4.10.2-0 - 22.9.0-3) by @smcgivern in #2591 Fix using dependencies …

pyenv-virtualenv 1.2.0

~/.rc should be modified instead of ~/.profile by @native-api in #384 Fixes #394 - update pyenv virtualenvs to list virtualenvs start with dot prefixes by @Gauravtalreja1 in #395 Fix installation steps to allow for Pyenv 2 by @native-api i…

pyenv 2.3.9

Add -latest suffix to miniforge3 by @nwh in #2551 Add PyPy 7.3.10 by @dand-oss in #2553 Add miniforge3 and mambaforge 22.9.0-2 by @smcgivern in #2559 Fix compilation error when building OpenSSL 1.1.1q in MacOS 11+ for 3.9.16 by @lisbethw11…

pyenv v2.3.8

Export detected shell environment in pyenv-init by @ianchen-tw in #2540 Add CPython 3.12.0a3 by @saaketp in #2545 Add CPython 3.11.1 by @anton-petrov in #2549 Add CPython 3.10.9 by @rudisimo in #2544 Add 3.7.16, 3.8.16, 3.9.16 by @chadac i…

pyenv 2.3.7

Add Python version 3.11 to the macOS build by @jbkkd in #2510 Don't use Zlib from XCode SDK if a custom compiler is used by @native-api in #2516 Change line endings from CRLF to LF by @hoang-himself in #2517 Fix resolution of a name that's…

pyenv 2.3.6

CPython Auto-resolve prefixes to the latest version MacのOpensslエラー修正(昨今の脆弱性とは無関係)

pyenv 2.3.4

Release v2.3.4 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub CPython 3.11.0rc1 とか

pyenv 2.3.1

Version file read improvements Add CPython 3.11.0b1 Update 3.11-dev and add 3.12-dev Add CPython 3.9.13 Add miniconda 4.12.0 Fix endless loop in pyenv init - under SSH in some shell setups CI: Add tests for modified Python build scripts gi…

pyenv 2.2.5

Release v2.2.5 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub fix issue 2236 for CPython 3.6.15 and 3.7.12 by @fofoni in #2237 python-build: add URL for get-pip for Python 3.6 by @fofoni in #2238 Add pyston-2.3.2 by @dmrlawson in #2240 CPython 3.11.0a5 by @saaket…

pyenv 2.0.5 Move man page to location where it can be automatically found by man (#2032) Update checksums for CPython 3.10.0rc1 (#2025) Remove 3.9.3 (#2022) Add CPython 3.10.0rc1(#2023)

pyenv 2.0.4

Added scripts for rolling releases of Miniforge (#2019) Update pyston-2.3 (#2017) Add GraalPython 21.2.0 (#2018) Add CPython 3.10.0b4 (#2013), (#2005) Add Pyston 2.3 (#2012)

pyenv 1.2.26

Release 1.2.26 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub cpython 3.9.4

pyenv 1.2.25

Release 1.2.25 · pyenv/pyenv · GitHub opensslのアレとか


Updated CHANGELOG.MD to reflect latest changes at v1.2.24 Fixed pyenv---version to display the correct pyenv version