by shigemk2


pyenv 2.3.7

  • Add Python version 3.11 to the macOS build by @jbkkd in #2510
  • Don't use Zlib from XCode SDK if a custom compiler is used by @native-api in #2516
  • Change line endings from CRLF to LF by @hoang-himself in #2517
  • Fix resolution of a name that's a prefix of another name by @native-api in #2521
  • GitHub Workflows security hardening by @sashashura in #2511
  • Add nushell to activate list by @theref in #2524
  • Fix compilation error when building OpenSSL 1.1.1q in MacOS 11+ for 3.9.15 and 3.8.15 by @twangboy in #2520
  • Add simple .editorconfig file by @aphedges in #2518
  • Support aria2c being a snap by @native-api in #2528
  • Add CPython 3.12.0a2 by @saaketp in #2527
  • Add --no-push-path option by @isaacl in #2526
  • Fix typo in by @weensy in #2535
  • Copy auto installer oneliner to readme by @spookyuser in #2538