by shigemk2


pyenv-virtualenv 1.2.0

  • ~/.rc should be modified instead of ~/.profile by @native-api in #384
  • Fixes #394 - update pyenv virtualenvs to list virtualenvs start with dot prefixes by @Gauravtalreja1 in #395
  • Fix installation steps to allow for Pyenv 2 by @native-api in #388
  • Fix URLs for older versions of Python by @jivanf in #403
  • Add (y/N) prompt help text by @sh-cho in #404 perf(sh-activate): avoid a pyenv-version-name call by @scop in #380
  • Fix unbound variable errors when running pyenv activate with set -u Use default empty value. This fixes #422. by @ackalker in #423
  • Fix another unbound variable error by @ackalker in #424
  • Update URLs in pyenv-virtualenv by @mcdonnnj in #426
  • Deduplicate shims in $PATH for the fish shell during initialization by @ericvw in #430
  • Upgrade uninstall hook after pyenv/pyenv#2432 by @laggardkernel in #438
  • Stop delete force failing when virtualenv does not exist by @eganjs in #330 fix: relative path to pyenv-realpath.dylib by @scop in #378
  • Spelling fixes by @scop in #352
  • Clone bats with --depth=1, gitignore it by @scop in #351
  • set -u fixes by @scop in #350
  • Set up Github Actions CI by @native-api in #440
  • Enhance documentation about options for pyenv virtualenv by @pylipp in #425
  • Return control to pyenv-uninstall in uninstall/envs.bash by @aiguofer in #321
  • Use realpath of scripts to determine relative locations by @andrew-christianson in #308
  • Shell detect improvements by @scop in #377

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