by shigemk2


awscli 2.9.13

  • api-change:iotfleetwise: Update documentation - correct the epoch constant value of default value for expiryTime field in CreateCampaign request.
  • api-change:rds: This release adds support for specifying which certificate authority (CA) to use for a DB instance's server certificate during DB instance creation, as well as other CA enhancements.
  • api-change:emr-serverless: Adds support for customized images. You can now provide runtime images when creating or updating EMR Serverless Applications.
  • api-change:apprunner: This release adds support of securely referencing secrets and configuration data that are stored in Secrets Manager and SSM Parameter Store by adding them as environment secrets in your App Runner service.
  • api-change:logs: Update to remove sequenceToken as a required field in PutLogEvents calls.
  • api-change:connect: Documentation update for a new Initiation Method value in DescribeContact API
  • api-change:mwaa: MWAA supports Apache Airflow version 2.4.3.
  • api-change:lightsail: Documentation updates for Amazon Lightsail.
  • api-change:securitylake: Allow CreateSubscriber API to take string input that allows setting more descriptive SubscriberDescription field. Make souceTypes field required in model level for UpdateSubscriberRequest as it is required for every API call on the backend. Allow ListSubscribers take any String as nextToken param.
  • api-change:cloudfront: Extend response headers policy to support removing headers from viewer responses
  • api-change:ssm: Adding support for QuickSetup Document Type in Systems Manager
  • api-change:amplifybackend: Updated GetBackendAPIModels response to include ModelIntrospectionSchema json string
  • api-change:application-autoscaling: Customers can now use the existing DescribeScalingActivities API to also see the detailed and machine-readable reasons for Application Auto Scaling not scaling their resources and, if needed, take the necessary corrective actions.