by shigemk2


pyenv 2.3.11

  • Add CPython 3.12.0a4 by @Afront in #2590
  • Add a script to add the latest miniforge and mambaforge versions by @smcgivern in #2560
  • Add missing Miniforge/Mambaforge versions (4.10.2-0 - 22.9.0-3) by @smcgivern in #2591
  • Fix using dependencies from Ports in FreeBSD that are not searched with pkg-config by @native-api in #2593
  • Fix priority for user-supplied configure and make flags by (only set --enable-shared if user hasn't supplied --disable-shared) @native-api in #2592
  • Fix a compilation error in 3.8.10+ and 3.9.5+ when linking against Op… by @native-api in #2594