by shigemk2


brew 3.1.5

Release 3.1.5 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

  • Update maintainers, manpage and completions. (@Homebrew)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: Support adding root_url specs to bottle spec (@bluelabsio)
  • Introduce Ignorable module and provide the facility to try and ignore errors when loading historical formulae (@Bo98)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: remove double [tag]. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: handle empty collector tags. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • bottle: do not fail on missing bottle block (@iMichka)
  • dev-cmd: avoid uploading identical bottles. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • build(deps): bump rubocop-rspec from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 in /Library/Homebrew (@Homebrew)
  • services: fix array being flattened (@SMillerDev)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: fix all JSON filename (@Bo98)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: output more filenames when verbose. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: improve filename handling. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • docs: clarify upstream versions requirement (@Homebrew)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: add missing verbose puts. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • Conditional formulae and casks completion for Fish (@kidonng)
  • dev-cmd: add more --verbose bottle, pr-upload output. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • Cmd repair style (@hyuraku)
  • unpack_strategy/zip: ensure consistent timezone management (@Bo98)
  • Improve livecheck docs. (@reitermarkus)