by shigemk2


brew 3.6.15

  • livecheck/strategy/sparkle.rb: Add macos to the candidate os values list by @timvisher in #14037
  • dev-cmd/bump: don't use Repology version if livecheckable by @dawidd6 in #14190
  • ElectronBuilder: Allow Date/Time deserialization by @samford in #14205
  • dev-cmd/audit: enable --[no-]signing flag for audits by @bevanjkay in #14219
  • Make :formula? the default on Linux by @apainintheneck in #14206
  • caveats: print sudo in caveats if service requires it by @SMillerDev in #14209
  • cmd/desc: fix searching. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14222
  • docs: update Maintainers section by @EricFromCanada in #14202
  • dev-cmd/bump: check if Repology output is a version first by @dawidd6 in #14210
  • dev-cmd/create: also prompt for name with --cask by @EricFromCanada in #14218
  • Cleanup brew prof by @apainintheneck in #14207
  • formula_installer: output fetching headers. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14223
  • Homebrew-Leadership-Responsibilities: import changes. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14233
  • api/formula: handle JSON file corruption. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14221
  • description*: fix argument handling of eval_all. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14232
  • language/python: optionally link manpages by @cho-m in #14142
  • formula: add support for generating click shell completions by @cho-m in #14150