by shigemk2


brew 3.6.18

  • docs: add Table of Contents to selected pages by @EricFromCanada in #14312
  • SystemConfig: show WSL version if available on Linux by @SMillerDev in #14241
  • cmd/prof: Fix gem errors by @apainintheneck in #14313
  • workflows/tests: only brew tests --online twice. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14323
  • cli/parser: Better error message for cask on linux by @apainintheneck in #14315
  • Governance: Adds PLC candidate expectations by @colindean in #14299
  • Include *flight block source in cask API by @Rylan12 in #14324
  • Vendor method_source gem by @Rylan12 in #14330
  • formula_installer: check if dependencies have already been fetched. by @FnControlOption in #14325
  • dev-cmd/edit: handle editing with install_from_api. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14331
  • Restoring the original PATH after update by @asutoshpalai in #14333
  • Load casks from the JSON API with HOMEBREW_INSTALL_FROM_API by @Rylan12 in #14304
  • search.rb: Update Fedora URL by @Red54 in #14337