by shigemk2


brew 4.0.6

  • rubocop: Enable Layout/MultilineMethodCallIndentation & fix offenses by @issyl0 in #14877
  • rubocop: Deal with RSpec cop TODOs by @issyl0 in #14884
  • rubocops/cask: Disallow protocol in cask URL verified stanza by @issyl0 in #14886
  • rubocops/cask: Clean up unnecessary requires by @issyl0 in #14891
  • sorbet: Bump more files to typed: true by @issyl0 in #14893
  • irb: add cask monkey patch by @apainintheneck in #14885
  • Fix type error in brew --env by @dduugg in #14880
  • cask: retry audit for correct signing of pkg installers by @SMillerDev in #14883
  • rubocop: Trim exclude paths without offenses; move some more config by @issyl0 in #14878
  • Move Array#to_sentence monkey-patch from ActiveSupport to extend/ by @dduugg in #14847
  • Remove cask/cmd/zap by @hyuraku in #14864
  • brew style --fix by @dduugg in #14904
  • Fix "undefined local variable" error in update-report by @dduugg in #14903
  • Enable typing in cmd/ by @dduugg in #14911
  • sorbet: Autogenerate the RBI file for utils/tty.rb by @issyl0 in #14896
  • when brew cat fails, suggest brew info --github by @g0t4 in #14902
  • lock_file: better message if too many open files by @scpeters in #14879
  • ci: Move from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 Actions runners by @issyl0 in #14910
  • Revert splat changes to AbstractUninstall by @dduugg in #14914
  • Refactor searchable by @dduugg in #14916
  • Fix {MacOS,Xcode}Requirement handling and improve output by @nandahkrishna in #14870
  • Remove ActiveSupport String inflections by @dduugg in #14917
  • brew irb improvements by @apainintheneck in #14892
  • download_strategy: handle incorrectly quoted filename* headers by @gibfahn in #14829
  • bump-formula-pr: add release notes if found by @SMillerDev in #14918
  • rubocop: Trim Naming/MethodParameterName allowlist by @issyl0 in #14922
  • github_packages: retry skopeo copy 5 times by @dawidd6 in #14926
  • Make str variable names longer by @issyl0 in #14927
  • sorbet: Run brew typecheck --update --suggest-typed on schedule in CI by @issyl0 in #14921
  • rubocop: Clean up Style/BlockDelimiters excludes and autofix offenses by @issyl0 in #14920
  • include --cask or --formula in brew info --github suggestion by @g0t4 in #14930
  • github_packages: additional retry of skopeo copy with backoff by @dawidd6 in #14932
  • Move cask/cmd/upgrade to cask/upgrade by @hyuraku in #14913
  • Fix DescriptionCacheStore searching by @dduugg in #14941
  • Cleanup irb history file in tests by @apainintheneck in #14940
  • Enable typing in a few more files by @dduugg in #14937