by shigemk2


brew 3.6.17

  • Fix access to livecheck constants in formulae by @nandahkrishna in #14278
  • add explicit version for GitHub API by @dtrodrigues in #14266
  • Deprecate path args to audit cmd by @apainintheneck in #14285
  • ISSUE_TEMPLATE/bug: nudge people to discussions. by @MikeMcQuaid in #14281
  • formula: show stderr by default when generating completions by @cho-m in #14271
  • return early when no Taps directory by @cho-m in #14259
  • Improve minimum macOS version audit for casks by @Rylan12 in #14297
  • Comment out path args deprecation by @apainintheneck in #14295
  • cask/audit: improve sparkle minimum version audit by @bevanjkay in #14298
  • feature: generate macOS pkg files by @SMillerDev in #14265
  • unversioned_cask_checker: check installer artifacts by @bevanjkay in #13658
  • Expand on_system rubocops by @Rylan12 in #14301
  • cask/audit: improve handling nil in sparkle by @p-linnane in #14302
  • audit: use full_name for formula/cask audit by @chenrui333 in #14296
  • cask/artifact/abstract_uninstall: allow wildcard entries for launchctl by @bevanjkay in #14123
  • Use JSON instead of #inspect to include cask container in API by @Rylan12 in #14303
  • Remove bitdefender diagnostic check by @apainintheneck in #14300