by shigemk2


phpstan 1.9.5

  • Improve constant string union handling for concat and encapsed string (#2057), thanks @schlndh!
  • PhpVersion: supportsDisjunctiveNormalForm (#2130), thanks @janedbal!
  • Constant scalar types might accept general type from the same family (#2131) - this moves some errors from earlier levels to level 7
  • Implement OversizedArrayBuilder to improve huge constant array performance (#2116), #8215, thanks @staabm!
  • Improve performance again by dumbing down nested arrays (#2077)
  • Result cache should not be invalidated by changes to editorUrl, editorUrlTitle and errorFormat parameters (#2136), thanks @bendavies!
  • Faster MutatingScope::shouldInvalidateExpression() (#2139), thanks @staabm!
  • Add ReturnStatementsNode::hasNativeReturnTypehint() (#2141), thanks @janedbal!
  • TypeNodeResolver - lowercase-string and non-empty-lowercase-string are known (phpstan/phpstan-src@884ceb0)