by shigemk2


phpstan 1.7.12


  • Update phpstan/phpdoc-parser to 1.6.0 (phpstan/phpstan-src@ef8c7c3)
    • Allow omitting @param type (phpstan/phpdoc-parser#127), phpstan/phpdoc-parser#77
    • Support all atomic types as nullable types (phpstan/phpdoc-parser#129), phpstan/phpdoc-parser#124
  • Support constant string and integer as template bound (#1402), #7381
  • Introduce ExtendedMethodReflection interface (#1403)
    • The purpose of this interface is to be able to answer more questions about methods without breaking backward compatibility with existing MethodsClassReflectionExtension.
    • Developers are meant to only use the MethodReflection interface and its methods in their code.
    • Methods on ExtendedMethodReflection are subject to change.