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brew 3.2.7

Release 3.2.7 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

  • resource_auditor: add audit for HEAD default branch (@nandahkrishna)
  • Refactor livecheck strategy block handling (@samford)
  • Add revision secondary sort to resolve_latest_keg (@cnnrmnn)
  • Dockerfile: remove extraneous permission modification commands (@sudoforge)
  • Migrating to the MacOSX11.sdk symlink (@Bo98)
  • Merge pull request #11845 from dtrodrigues/typecheck-silicon (@dtrodrigues)
  • Merge pull request #11832 from AkihiroSuda/arch-allowlist (@AkihiroSuda)
  • brew.rb: remove gem setup for stackprof (@Bo98)
  • formula: allow std_cmake_args to take parameters (@carlocab)
  • Dockerfile: run as user: linuxbrew (@sudoforge)
  • api: fix generic api path functions (@Rylan12)
  • Refactor API methods (@Rylan12)
  • Insert space (@umireon)
  • Merge pull request #11824 from cnnrmnn/latest-head-kegs (@cnnrmnn)
  • Allow anonymous access in private registries (@yahavi)
  • Fix brew outdated --cask --json --greedy (@moonfruit)
  • cmd/ make brew shellenv idempotent (@XuehaiPan)
  • release_notes: use safe_popen_read. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • edit: enable Sublime Text project view (@mistydemeo)
  • livecheck: allow nil return from strategy blocks (@samford)
  • gist-logs: grab files in subdirectories too (@gromgit)
  • adds an option to skip unversioned casks in outdated and upgrade command (@bevanjkay)