by shigemk2


brew 3.1.8

  • formula: add preset pour_bottle? symbols (@Rylan12)
  • Override user-set default git template for taps (@cnnrmnn)
  • remove installer manual casks from upgraded casks (@hyuraku)
  • extend/os/mac/keg_relocate: fix relocation of duplicate RPATHs (@carlocab)
  • build(deps): bump nokogiri from 1.11.3 to 1.11.4 in /Library/Homebrew (@Homebrew)
  • build(deps): bump ruby-macho from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 in /Library/Homebrew (@Homebrew)
  • Fix range requests with curl (@cnnrmnn)
  • utils/pypi: use opt_bin for pipgrip (@nandahkrishna)
  • extend/os/mac/keg_relocate: remove RPATHs rooted in build directory (@carlocab)
  • Synchronize triage configuration (@Homebrew)
  • Fix TMUX env variable filtering (@carlocab)
  • keg_relocate: only replace matches at the start of a path (@Rylan12)
  • audit: Remove SYMROOT (@Gcenx)
  • Add leaves --installed-on-request and --installed-as-dependency flags (@cnnrmnn)
  • Merge pull request #11370 from carlocab/relocate-metavars (@carlocab)
  • extend/os/mac/keg_relocate: fix post-bottling dylib ID relocation (@carlocab)
  • Add cop for usage (@Bo98)
  • dev-cmd/bottle: make gzip creation consistent across platforms (@Bo98)
  • Delete Bintray code (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • rubocops/shell_commands: add cop for shell metacharacters in exec (@Bo98)