by shigemk2


awscli 2.11.1

  • enhancement:dependency: Update cryptography requirement from <38.0.5,>=3.3.2 to >=3.3.2,<39.0.3
  • api-change:medialive: AWS Elemental MediaLive adds support for Nielsen watermark timezones.
  • api-change:account: AWS Account alternate contact email addresses can now have a length of 254 characters and contain the character "|".
  • api-change:transcribe: Amazon Transcribe now supports role access for these API operations: CreateVocabulary, UpdateVocabulary, CreateVocabularyFilter, and UpdateVocabularyFilter.
  • api-change:location: Documentation update for the release of 3 additional map styles for use with Open Data Maps: Open Data Standard Dark, Open Data Visualization Light & Open Data Visualization Dark.
  • api-change:dynamodb: Documentation updates for DynamoDB.
  • bugfix:eks: Output JSON only for user entry in kubeconfig fixes #7719 <>, fixes #7723 <>, fixes #7724 <>__
  • api-change:macie2: Documentation updates for Amazon Macie
  • api-change:mediaconvert: The AWS Elemental MediaConvert SDK has improved handling for different input and output color space combinations.
  • api-change:dms: This release adds DMS Fleet Advisor Target Recommendation APIs and exposes functionality for DMS Fleet Advisor. It adds functionality to start Target Recommendation calculation.
  • api-change:ec2: This release adds support for a new boot mode for EC2 instances called 'UEFI Preferred'.
  • api-change:ivs: Updated text description in DeleteChannel, Stream, and StreamSummary.