by shigemk2


awscli 2.2.5

  • api-change:imagebuilder: Text-only updates for bundled documentation feedback tickets - spring 2021.
  • api-change:detective: Updated descriptions of array parameters to add the restrictions on the array and value lengths.
  • api-change:securityhub: Updated descriptions to add notes on array lengths.
  • bugfix:s3: Fixed regression in not respecting --source-region for S3 to S3 copies. Fixes #6152
  • api-change:macie2: This release of the Amazon Macie API adds support for defining run-time, S3 bucket criteria for classification jobs. It also adds resources for querying data about AWS resources that Macie monitors.
  • api-change:es: Adds support for cold storage.
  • api-change:transcribe: Transcribe Medical now supports identification of PHI entities within transcripts
  • api-change:ec2: High Memory virtual instances are powered by Intel Sky Lake CPUs and offer up to 12TB of memory.
  • api-change:events: Update InputTransformer variable limit from 10 to 100 variables.

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