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awscli 2.2.19

Release 2.2.19 · aws/aws-cli · GitHub

  • api-change:kendra: Amazon Kendra now supports Principal Store
  • api-change:directconnect: This release adds a new filed named awsLogicalDeviceId that it displays the AWS Direct Connect endpoint which terminates a physical connection's BGP Sessions.
  • api-change:pricing: Documentation updates for api.pricing
  • api-change:mediaconvert: MediaConvert now supports color, style and position information passthrough from 608 and Teletext to SRT and WebVTT subtitles. MediaConvert now also supports Automatic QVBR quality levels for QVBR RateControlMode.
  • api-change:redshift: Release new APIs to support new Redshift feature - Authentication Profile
  • api-change:sagemaker: Releasing new APIs related to Tuning steps in model building pipelines.
  • api-change:eks: Documentation updates for Wesley to support the parallel node upgrade feature.
  • api-change:amplifybackend: Added Sign in with Apple OAuth provider.
  • api-change:lex-models: Customers can now migrate bots built with Lex V1 APIs to V2 APIs. This release adds APIs to initiate and manage the migration of a bot.
  • api-change:frauddetector: This release adds support for ML Explainability to display model variable importance value in Amazon Fraud Detector.
  • api-change:ssm: Changes to OpsCenter APIs to support a new feature, operational insights.