by shigemk2


brew 3.1.7

  • formula_installer: write tab when pouring local --only-json-tab bottles (@Bo98)
  • extend/os/mac/keg_relocate: refactor relocate_dynamic_linkage (@carlocab)
  • system_command: better handle race conditions when interrupting (@Bo98)
  • fix: use recommended way of updating Fish shell $PATH (@davidxia)
  • system_command: fix rare scenario of interrupt being reported to stderr (@Bo98)
  • os/mac: use perl 5.18 on Catalina (@Bo98)
  • sorbet: Update RBI files. (@Homebrew)
  • release_notes: append #PR to markdown link text (@scpeters)
  • system_command: avoid waiting on pipes after process termination (@Bo98)
  • docs: mention shebang rewrite in the formula cookbook (@Moisan)