by shigemk2


homebrew 1.6.15


  • cleanup gems on portable Ruby installation. (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • hardware: add dodeca-core for 2018 MBPs (@DomT4)
  • xcode: update expected Clang on 10.14 (@DomT4)
  • Use Ruby 2.3.7 (@MikeMcQuaid)
  • audit: check for optional and recommended requirements on new formulae (@commitay)
  • audit: ensure bottle is defined (@commitay)
  • Relocate bottles on Linux using patchelf (@sjackman)
  • Properly append values to HOMEBREW_CCCFG (@maxim-belkin)
  • Separate staging from download. (@reitermarkus)
  • Add make shim to Linux super env (@maxim-belkin)
  • Xcode: fix version detection with unknown clang (@mistydemeo)
  • Use more descriptive heredoc names. (@reitermarkus)

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