by shigemk2


Lessons about Community from Studio Ghibli #linuxcon

all about the people

communities involve real work from many different people


you can't understand it until you participate and become part of the community

irc channel mailing list

understand first

participate gently at first take time to understand the community norms.

Be patient

let issues die down on their own and allow others to participate

no rage

take time to cool off and don't participate when you are angry

good intensions

assume community members have good intensions and focus on education and improvement.

smart growth

grow gradually and balance resource to manage contributions.

cool technology

Participation in communities is a great excuse to play with new technology


do good thins for others and recognize thier contributions.

the young can contribute

encourage young people to participate in your communities

learn new skill

open source communities give people real-world training to help them get work later.

learn from others

get new ideas and insights from other people and other communities


train the next generation and help others succeed

more diversity

focus on the ideas and work together with people from diverse backgrounds

more women

Encourage women in our field and get more women speaking at our events

no as easy as it seems

community management is not all parties and fun travel. it's also a lot of real work

don't warry

most things will work out if you have smart, helpful people in your community

interesting travel

travel to new places and meet all kinds of fascinating people!