by shigemk2


How GitHub Works #githubkaigi


designer and developer

web team

content design

30 minutes to UK

remote work 60-70%

large company

happiness comes first

build the company where you want to work

everyting else ia side-effect

life is too short

motivation keep employees happy

most company keep employees happy by money

  • extrinisic
  • intrinisic

  • flexiblity

  • autonomy
  • openness

intrinsic motivation is the key

  • talent isn't everything
  • take time off work when you need
  • there is value in remote

  • flexibility is great for families

  • remote isn't for everyone

  • remote is the future
  • the tools we use

sync async

hubot devloyment

CI / Builds

  • put the tools in the middle of the conversation async too!

build the trust you need

remote isn't just for remote people

show humanity in your words.

show emoji in your words

be patient

presume you have blind sopts (bad process

iteration is always the key. what workds changes over time.