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Raspberry Pi #linuxcon

Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group | ユルく楽しく、ある意味しょーもないことを追求することを楽しむ、お気軽なユーザグループです

personal 'programable' computer Commodore 64, MSX, X68000

Programable in many language

Feel interest for children easy to go programming throu game and video

Small and robust so that children could carry - hard to be broken

CPU is ARM Memory 256MB or 512MB

In fact

  • CPU is very poor
  • Need PCs for OS preparatin?
  • Run some Apps like ordinary PCs?
  • Really handle with case?
  • Really it is friendly and fun?

Need to consider

Top 10 Raspberry Pi Myths and Truths

Top 10 Raspberry Pi Myths and Truths - Scott Hanselman

PC for preparation? Now Out-of-Box Software will help you pc-less installation.

Old wheezy would be downloaded Index of /raspbian/images

Running for 24 hours?

Yes, choose the cases has good airflow to keep your RPi being cool or being down or freeze we can't expected

almost sealed case might cause freezing your RPi thus hard to work 24 hours a day

Useful for Program?


but, be careful CPU, memory, resources. it very poorer than your usual PCs

RaspberrPi Foundation collaborate with Oracle

Useful for Games?

SInce such ARM Linux Devices are born some has been porting the old games to the drivers


Comparing others

BAT-MINI - Intel Bay Trail-M PC (we know as 'LIVA' of ECS)

ECS Web Site

rpi-upate latest raspbian kernal for developers - make sure whether you can really update or not. apps still odl and 'will not' works

Use FTDI Card connecting GPIO


Compute Module = can be delivered in August

Continue improving Software Pure Java with Oracle and etc....

Website improving - multi-lang website for non-English natives


Program Education Gathering (PEG) is the project helping Children

Established about 2 years ago. We have a Java in Tokyo and attend some IT and Makers events in Java


Please be careful using RPi for Desktopworks very slow than we expected

Audio Appliance OS is the first stop to use RPi

Raspbian is stable OS provided RPi Foundation