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The Past, Present and Future of Linux Real-Time #linuxcon

Thomas Gleixner, linutronix GmbH

Dual kernel approaches

  • RTAI
  • RTLinux
  • Xenomai

Linux RT history

RTLinux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Opinion I

Riwht RTLinux you have to split the app up into the hand realtime.

2004 Preemt RT stared

Driven bye kernel developers

Full integration into mainine "planned

Opinion 2

Controlling a laser with Linux is crazy, but everyone in this room is crazy in his own way.

Preempt-RT Readmap Timeline

組み込みLinux - Wikipedia

  • 2004 Start of work
  • 2006 First productized version
  • 2011 Full techonological rewrite

Challenging project

Techonology status

  • Successfull in many aspects
  • Still a challenging project

Tasks accomplished

  • High resolution timers
  • Mutex infrastructure
  • Generic interrupt handring infrastructure

and so on....

Remaining tasks

Find portable solutions for mainline

RT PREEMPTは"mainline"と呼ばれるリーナス・トーバルズ管理の主要カーネルツリーへのマージを目指している。

Community status

Assumed large user

Use base

  • 3000 downloads within 5 business days after release
  • Assumed size on download statics

industrial uses

  • 60% Western Europe
  • 25% North America
  • 10% Asia
  • 5% The Rest

Core developers

One part time funded project lead

Conmmunity contribution

Close to zero Not even documentation (see the

  • The future* Tecnological aspects
  • Sustainability aspects


it can be solved

Is Preept-RT sustainable?

  • Not with the current resources
  • Not with the sunsume only mentality

  • OSADL is running a collaboratively founded large scale RT test farm, which is crucal for the success of the project and suffers from similar issues.

Wind River Newsroom: News Release Archive

  • Linux Foundation will facilitate companies that wish to collaboratively found the R&D work require