by shigemk2


doxygen 1.9.5


  • Add support for Dark theme (set via HTML_COLORSTYLE with setting DARK, LIGHT, AUTO_DARK, AUTO_LIGHT and TOGGLE).
  • Original issue #8404: Dark theme [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], and [view]
  • New options DOt_COMMON_ATTR, DOT_EDGE_ATTR, and DOT_NODE_ATTR to configure dot graph, nodes and arrows attributes [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], and [view]
  • New option INPUT_FILE_ENCODING to specify input encoding based on a file pattern [view], [view]
  • New option FORTRAN_COMMENT_AFTER to configure the fixed format comment start position (default 72).
  • Added new commands \fileinfo and \lineinfo to show the current file and line.
  • See issue #7046: Add filename and line number support to tags, ala FILE and LINE macros [view] and [view]
  • Add support for \showdate command [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], and [view]
  • Allow empty HTML
    and tags [view]
  • Handling of @...@ setting with doxygen -x_noenv [view], and [view]
  • Recognizing and name of implicit Fortran [programs [view]
  • Support HTML stylesheets on the Internet [view]
  • Issue #9415: fixed format source with wide lines [view]
  • End of "here document" can be indented [view]
  • Portuguese and Czech translators updated to 1.9.4. [view] and [view]
  • issue #9444: Upgrade jQuery UI to latest 1.13 release to get rid of security issues [view]