by shigemk2


awscli 2.11.0

  • api-change:codecatalyst: Published Dev Environments StopDevEnvironmentSession API
  • api-change:pipes: This release fixes some input parameter range and patterns.
  • api-change:migrationhubstrategy: This release updates the File Import API to allow importing servers already discovered by customers with reduced pre-requisites.
  • api-change:iot: A recurring maintenance window is an optional configuration used for rolling out the job document to all devices in the target group observing a predetermined start time, duration, and frequency that the maintenance window occurs.
  • api-change:sagemaker: Add a new field "EndpointMetrics" in SageMaker Inference Recommender "ListInferenceRecommendationsJobSteps" API response.
  • enhancement:dependency: Add Python 3.11 support for source distribution
  • api-change:pricing: This release adds 2 new APIs - ListPriceLists which returns a list of applicable price lists, and GetPriceListFileUrl which outputs a URL to retrieve your price lists from the generated file from ListPriceLists
  • api-change:pi: This release adds a new field PeriodAlignment to allow the customer specifying the returned timestamp of time periods to be either the start or end time.
  • feature:Python: Upgrade the embedded Python version to 3.11.
  • api-change:s3outposts: S3 on Outposts introduces a new API ListOutpostsWithS3, with this API you can list all your Outposts with S3 capacity.
  • api-change:organizations: This release introduces a new reason code, ACCOUNT_CREATION_NOT_COMPLETE, to ConstraintViolationException in CreateOrganization API.