by shigemk2


awscli 2.10.0

  • api-change:connect: This update provides the Wisdom session ARN for contacts enabled for Wisdom in the chat channel.
  • api-change:appconfigdata: AWS AppConfig now offers the option to set a version label on hosted configuration versions. If a labeled hosted configuration version is deployed, its version label is available in the GetLatestConfiguration response.
  • api-change:datasync: With this launch, we are giving customers the ability to use older SMB protocol versions, enabling them to use DataSync to copy data to and from their legacy storage arrays.
  • api-change:ec2: Adds support for waiters that automatically poll for an imported snapshot until it reaches the completed state.
  • api-change:autoscaling: You can now either terminate/replace, ignore, or wait for EC2 Auto Scaling instances on standby or protected from scale in. Also, you can also roll back changes from a failed instance refresh.
  • bugfix:s3: AWS CLI no longer overwrites user supplied Content-Encoding with aws-chunked when user also supplies ChecksumAlgorithm.
  • feature:Source Distribution: Add supported autotools interface for building from source.
  • api-change:sns: This release adds support for SNS X-Ray active tracing as well as other updates.
  • api-change:ec2: With this release customers can turn host maintenance on or off when allocating or modifying a supported dedicated host. Host maintenance is turned on by default for supported hosts.
  • api-change:sagemaker: Amazon SageMaker Autopilot adds support for selecting algorithms in CreateAutoMLJob API.
  • api-change:appconfig: AWS AppConfig now offers the option to set a version label on hosted configuration versions. Version labels allow you to identify specific hosted configuration versions based on an alternate versioning scheme that you define.
  • api-change:account: This release of the Account Management API enables customers to view and manage whether AWS Opt-In Regions are enabled or disabled for their Account. For more information, see
  • api-change:polly: Amazon Polly adds two new neural Japanese voices - Kazuha, Tomoko
  • api-change:snowball: Adds support for EKS Anywhere on Snowball. AWS Snow Family customers can now install EKS Anywhere service on Snowball Edge Compute Optimized devices.