by shigemk2


awscli 2.8.11

  • api-change:ec2: Amazon EC2 Trn1 instances, powered by AWS Trainium chips, are purpose built for high-performance deep learning training. u-24tb1.112xlarge and u-18tb1.112xlarge High Memory instances are purpose-built to run large in-memory databases.
  • api-change:endpoint-rules: Update endpoint-rules command to latest version
  • api-change:connect: This release adds new fields SignInUrl, UserArn, and UserId to GetFederationToken response payload.
  • enhancement:docs: Fixes #6918 <> and #7400 <>. The CLI falls back on mandoc if groff isn't available.
  • api-change:connectcases: This release adds the ability to disable templates through the UpdateTemplate API. Disabling templates prevents customers from creating cases using the template. For more information see
  • api-change:groundstation: This release adds the preview of customer-provided ephemeris support for AWS Ground Station, allowing space vehicle owners to provide their own position and trajectory information for a satellite.
  • api-change:mediapackage-vod: This release adds "IncludeIframeOnlyStream" for Dash endpoints.