by shigemk2


brew 2021-05-04

  • f2b2d8457 Update maintainers, manpage and completions.
  • aa3e623b2 Omit warning, as brew audit already covers this
  • 87cd97a52 Don't use --first-parent on core tap
  • 570b62dd7 prev_f -> upstream_f
  • f174d4363 extend/pathname: limit write override to a refinement
  • ca11dc92c dev-cmd/generate-man-completions: update description
  • 2aff9ef1e Update manpages and completions
  • b9b83edc1 dev-cmd: rename brew man to brew generate-man-completions
  • 4c67a8ce2 caveats: simplify non-plist return
  • ef153c755 build(deps): bump codecov/codecov-action