by shigemk2


awscli 2.1.38

  • api-change:dms: AWS DMS added support of TLS for Kafka endpoint. Added Describe endpoint setting API for DMS endpoints.
  • api-change:codestar-connections: This release adds tagging support for CodeStar Connections Host resources
  • api-change:route53: Documentation updates for route53
  • api-change:sts: STS now supports assume role with Web Identity using JWT token length upto 20000 characters
  • api-change:mediaconnect: For flows that use Listener protocols, you can now easily locate an output's outbound IP address for a private internet. Additionally, MediaConnect now supports the Waiters feature that makes it easier to poll for the status of a flow until it reaches its desired state.
  • api-change:config: Add exception for DeleteRemediationConfiguration and DescribeRemediationExecutionStatus

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