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hub pull-requestを実行するとAborted: head branch is the same as base ("master")なるエラーが出る

hub pull-request Aborted: head branch is the same as base ("master") (use `-h <branch>` to specify an explicit pull request head)対処法が分からない… たんにhub pull-requestでエディタが開くようにしたいんだけど…</branch>

hub を git の aliasに

hub/ at master · github/hub · GitHub以下を実行するだけ。 eval "$(hub alias -s)"


hoge2をhoge1ブランチへpull request $ hub pull-request -b user:hoge1 -h user:hoge2hoge2ブランチをmasterへpull request $ hub pull-request -h user:hoge2


Typing c when the staging area is unused is a special situation. Normally, the next commit would be empty, but you can configure Magit to do something more useful by customizing the magit-commit-all-when-nothing-staged variable. One choice…