by shigemk2


homebrew v1.1.0

Release 1.1.0 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub


Breaking changes:

  • Disable SHA-1 checksum support in formulae
  • Disable running Homebrew as the root user
  • Bottles with or_later tags no longer use or_later in their filenames so the existing bottle can be reused


  • Stop brew doctor complaining about Symantec Endpoint Protection libraries
  • Add support for migrating fully-scoped tap formulae names to other taps and print deprecation notices on migrated/renamed formulae
  • Print less warnings on brew install run and instead print them after failures. Allow running with outdated development tools (as long as they aren't too outdated)
  • brew displays message when auto-update has been running for 3 seconds without completion
  • Stop brew doctor complaining about SentinelOne libraries
  • When GitHub API scopes are missing output which ones are required