by shigemk2


RFC 1034 メモ

When a user needs to type a domain name, the length of each label is omitted and the labels are separated by dots (".").  Since a complete domain name ends with the root label, this leads to a printed form which ends in a dot.  We use this property to distinguish between:

   - a character string which represents a complete domain name
     (often called "absolute").  For example, "poneria.ISI.EDU."

   - a character string that represents the starting labels of a
     domain name which is incomplete, and should be completed by
     local software using knowledge of the local domain (often
     called "relative").  For example, "poneria" used in the
     ISI.EDU domain.


テストコードをうっすら眺めていると、 Route53レコードを作成するときは末尾ドットつきFQDNでも作成できるが、