by shigemk2


awscli 2.9.14

  • api-change:rds: This release adds support for configuring allocated storage on the CreateDBInstanceReadReplica, RestoreDBInstanceFromDBSnapshot, and RestoreDBInstanceToPointInTime APIs.
  • api-change:workspaces-web: This release adds support for a new portal authentication type: AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On).
  • api-change:auditmanager: This release introduces a new data retention option in your Audit Manager settings. You can now use the DeregistrationPolicy parameter to specify if you want to delete your data when you deregister Audit Manager.
  • api-change:acm-pca: Added revocation parameter validation: bucket names must match S3 bucket naming rules and CNAMEs conform to RFC2396 restrictions on the use of special characters in URIs.
  • api-change:kendra-ranking: Introducing Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking, a new set of Kendra APIs that leverages Kendra semantic ranking capabilities to improve the quality of search results from other search services (i.e. OpenSearch, ElasticSearch, Solr).
  • api-change:ecr-public: This release for Amazon ECR Public makes several change to bring the SDK into sync with the API.
  • api-change:ram: Enabled FIPS aws-us-gov endpoints in SDK.
  • api-change:network-firewall: Network Firewall now supports the Suricata rule action reject, in addition to the actions pass, drop, and alert.
  • bugfix:codeartifact login: Fix parsing of dotnet output for aws codeartifact login command; fixes #6197 <>__
  • api-change:location: This release adds support for two new route travel models, Bicycle and Motorcycle which can be used with Grab data source.