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    Make box plots from DataFrameGroupBy data.

    grouped : Grouped DataFrame
    subplots : bool
        * ``False`` - no subplots will be used
        * ``True`` - create a subplot for each group
    column : column name or list of names, or vector
        Can be any valid input to groupby
    fontsize : int or string
    rot : label rotation angle
    grid : Setting this to True will show the grid
    ax : Matplotlib axis object, default None
    figsize : A tuple (width, height) in inches
    layout : tuple (optional)
        (rows, columns) for the layout of the plot
    sharex : bool, default False
        Whether x-axes will be shared among subplots

        .. versionadded:: 0.23.1
    sharey : bool, default True
        Whether y-axes will be shared among subplots

        .. versionadded:: 0.23.1
    `**kwds` : Keyword Arguments
        All other plotting keyword arguments to be passed to
        matplotlib's boxplot function


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