by shigemk2


fish shell 3.2.2

  • The command-not-found handler used suggestions from pacman on Arch Linux, but this caused major slowdowns on some systems and has been disabled (#7841).
  • fish will no longer hang on exit if another process is in the foreground on macOS (#7901).
  • Certain programs (such as lazygit) could create situations where fish would not receive keystrokes correctly, but it is now more robust in these situations (#7853).
  • Arguments longer than 1024 characters no longer trigger excessive CPU usage on macOS (#7837).
  • fish builds correctly on macOS when using new versions of Xcode (#7838).
  • Completions for aura (#7865) and tshark (#7858) should no longer produce errors.
  • Background jobs no longer interfere with syntax highlighting (a regression introduced in fish 3.2.1, #7842).