by shigemk2






URI contents
/ This page.
/ip Returns Origin IP.
/uuid Returns UUID4.
/user-agent Returns user-agent.
/headers Returns header dict.
/get Returns GET data.
/post Returns POST data.
/patch Returns PATCH data.
/put Returns PUT data.
/delete Returns DELETE data
/anything Returns request data, including method used.
/anything/:anything Returns request data, including the URL.
/encoding/utf8 Returns page containing UTF-8 data.
/gzip Returns gzip-encoded data.
/deflate Returns deflate-encoded data.
/brotli Returns brotli-encoded data.
/status/:code Returns given HTTP Status code.
/response-headers?key=val Returns given response headers.
/redirect/:n 302 Redirects n times.
/redirect-to?url=foo 302 Redirects to the foo URL.
/redirect-to?url=foo&status_code=307 307 Redirects to the foo URL.
/relative-redirect/:n 302 Relative redirects n times.
/absolute-redirect/:n 302 Absolute redirects n times.
/cookies Returns cookie data.
/cookies/set?name=value Sets one or more simple cookies.
/cookies/delete?name Deletes one or more simple cookies.
/basic-auth/:user/:passwd Challenges HTTPBasic Auth.
/hidden-basic-auth/:user/:passwd 404'd BasicAuth.
/digest-auth/:qop/:user/:passwd/:algorithm Challenges HTTP Digest Auth.
/digest-auth/:qop/:user/:passwd Challenges HTTP Digest Auth.
/stream/:n Streams min(n, 100) lines.
/delay/:n Delays responding for min(n, 10) seconds.
/drip?numbytes=n&duration=s&delay=s&code=code Drips data over a duration after an optional initial delay, then (optionally) returns with the given status code.
/range/1024?duration=s&chunk_size=code Streams n bytes, and allows specifying a Range header to select a subset of the data. Accepts a chunk_size and request duration parameter.
/html Renders an HTML Page.
/robots.txt Returns some robots.txt rules.
/deny Denied by robots.txt file.
/cache Returns 200 unless an If-Modified-Since or If-None-Match header is provided, when it returns a 304.
/etag/:etag Assumes the resource has the given etag and responds to If-None-Match header with a 200 or 304 and If-Match with a 200 or 412 as appropriate.
/cache/:n Sets a Cache-Control header for n seconds.
/bytes/:n Generates n random bytes of binary data, accepts optional seed integer parameter.
/stream-bytes/:n Streams n random bytes of binary data in chunked encoding, accepts optional seed and chunk_size integer parameters.
/links/:n Returns page containing n HTML links.
/image Returns page containing an image based on sent Accept header.
/image/png Returns a PNG image.
/image/jpeg Returns a JPEG image.
/image/webp Returns a WEBP image.
/image/svg Returns a SVG image.
/forms/post HTML form that submits to /post
/xml Returns some XML