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What is HTML5?



most of the people using HTML5 are treating it as HTML4+, or even worse, HTML4 (and some stuff they don’t

HTML5 is both something entirely new, and yet nothing more than HTML was ever intended to be

Bye bye scrolling

we’re starting to realize the original vision of HTML, and connect a lot more than hypertext with static images. So the introduction of the audio and video elements in HTML5 are nothing more than logical extensions of the old a element.

Web pages no longer need to look (and act) like web pages.

Web pages no longer need to represent one person/organization’s content.

Web pages can function intelligently and easily across display devices.

you’ll quickly forget that we’re talking about HTML here, not a traditional high-end programming language like Java or PHP!

The idea of an HTML page being little more than an organization of malleable elements is nothing new, but HTML5 seems to be a clear jumping-in point for JavaScript programmers and web developers that haven’t yet made that conceptual leap.

You can separate content from organization using more than just divs, but actual first-order elements for navigation and headers and footers.

Sure, I mentioned earlier that mobile devices can view HTML5 web pages, and consume audio and video from audio and video without many problems. But isn’t this the big story with HTML5? In fact, isn’t it mobile devices, more than anything else, that are driving HTML5 adoption? Well, yes and no.

HTML5 is no longer about a single page, or even a collection of inter-linked pages. It’s about interconnection — and I’ve tried to beat that drum consistently above all else — but that interconnectedness is about a lot more than pages. It’s certainly about a lot more than just your pages.

Web messaging allows interconnecting HTML5 applications (I’ll defend the use of “application” here in a moment

you’ve got local storage, too: a legitimate database-like storage mechanism for holding onto data and delivering it to a server on the Internet when that server is available

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