by shigemk2


Jenkins 2.375.2

  • Add telemetry related to distributed builds. (issue 70199)
  • Wait for 10 seconds before attempting to reconnect a WebSocket agent, regardless of whether or not the controller is responding. (Slow down websocket re-connect)
  • Memory leak when repeatedly connecting WebSocket agents. (issue 70103)
  • Updated bundled Script Security plugin from 1189.vb_a_b_7c8fd5fde to 1190.v65867a_a_47126. Updated JUnit plugin from 1156.vcf492e95a_a_b_0 to 1160.vf1f01a_a_ea_b_7f. (Jenkins Security Advisory 2022-11-15)
  • Fix console-view bouncing when new entries appear. (issue 69587)