by shigemk2


ECS Agent 1.65.0

  • Feature - ECS Agent changes to support task scale in protection feature. ECS Agent API Endpoint is also introduced with this feature. This feature allows a user to update and get task protection state of a task from a task container by calling ECS Agent API Endpoint, which protects the task from being terminated in a scale-in event #3427 Github feature request - #125
  • Enhancement - Update service connect config validator to validate fields with a global standard, or consumed and proceeded by ECS Agent for service connect #3424
  • Enhancement - ServiceConnect AppNet version handling; init bootstrap; CNI interface name update for service connect #3436
  • Enhancement - Add file watcher for Appnet agent image update for service connect #3435
  • Enhancement - Change method for retrieving Windows network statistics in case of awsvpc network mode for Windows #3425
  • Bug - Fix minor unreachable code caused by t.Fatal #3372