by shigemk2


awscli 2.7.29


  • api-change:sagemaker: SageMaker Inference Recommender now accepts Inference Recommender fields: Domain, Task, Framework, SamplePayloadUrl, SupportedContentTypes, SupportedInstanceTypes, directly in our CreateInferenceRecommendationsJob API through ContainerConfig
  • api-change:rds-data: Documentation updates for RDS Data API
  • api-change:route53: Documentation updates for Amazon Route 53.
  • api-change:controltower: This release contains the first SDK for AWS Control Tower. It introduces a new set of APIs: EnableControl, DisableControl, GetControlOperation, and ListEnabledControls.
  • api-change:ivs: IVS Merge Fragmented Streams. This release adds support for recordingReconnectWindow field in IVS recordingConfigurations. For more information see
  • api-change:codeguru-reviewer: Documentation updates to fix formatting issues in CLI and SDK documentation.
  • api-change:cloudfront: Update API documentation for CloudFront origin access control (OAC)
  • api-change:iotthingsgraph: This release deprecates all APIs of the ThingsGraph service
  • api-change:identitystore: Expand IdentityStore API to support Create, Read, Update, Delete and Get operations for User, Group and GroupMembership resources.