by shigemk2




defcustom Macro: Declare SYMBOL as a customizable variable. SYMBOL is the variable name; it should not be quoted. STANDARD is an expression specifying the variable’s standard value. It should not be quoted. It is evaluated once by ‘defcustom’, and the value is assigned to SYMBOL if the variable is unbound. The expression itself is also stored, so that Customize can re-evaluate it later to get the standard value. DOC is the variable documentation.

  • defvarは初期化で、setqは代入であること
  • ユーザカスタマイズを目的とする変数を宣言するにはdefcustomを使うこと
  • defcustomで定義された変数の変更には常にcustom-set-variablesを用いるべきであること。