by shigemk2


google translate api free query parameters



I'm developing an online translator app, and this is what I found out empirically:

sl - source language code (auto for autodetection)
tl - translation language
q - source text / word
ie - input encoding (a guess)
oe - output encoding (a guess)
dt - may be included more than once and specifies what to return in the reply.
Here are some values for dt. If the value is set, the following data will be returned:

t - translation of source text
at - alternate translations
rm - transcription / transliteration of source and translated texts
bd - dictionary, in case source text is one word (you get translations with articles, reverse translations, etc.)
md - definitions of source text, if it's one word
ss - synonyms of source text, if it's one word
ex - examples
rw - See also list.