by shigemk2


Solid and Sustainable Development in Scala #ScalaMatsuri

  • Scalaを使う会社が増えている
  • でも3年経つとレガシー化する
  • アプデしようとしてもコストがかかる

Skinny Framework AWScala

ScalikeJDBC(Simple JDBC)


Skinny Framework

  • Scala on Rails
  • Full-stack features
  • Web Development

(Good Parts)

based Class-based OOP

  • Scala case class is simpler than Java beans with (great) Lombok
  • Scala high-order functions are simpler than Java 8 Stream API
  • Immutability is well-treated in Scala
  • Java decisively beats Scala with compile speed


  • Do away with mutable states

Trait Chaos

  • Mixing traits can show you terrible chaos

Coding Style Tips

  • Use sbt-scalariform without question(cf. gofmt)

The Real As-Is

  • Abstraction often improves things, but that:s not always the best way to solve real-world problems

Skinny ORM

ORM built on ScalikeJDBC

not Only compiler


Avoid SBT Hacks

sbt is not so easy for Scala newbies

The same issue as Ruby gems, eco-system is still so smaller than Ruby's one

Nosurprises for NewComer

newcomesers may not show scala well