by shigemk2


Introduction to a Virtualization Testsuite Based on Autotest Testing Framework #linuxcon

Why Virt-test

  • Virtualization
  • Ample functions
  • Various VirtualMachines

Autotest client Virt-test

autotest/virt-test · GitHub

Parameter references


Massive parameters

  • Device types IDE, .....
  • Storage types: directory, filesystem, logical

OS Support(Linux)

  • Based on Fedora
  • Less than 200MB after compress

OS Support(Win)

Available tests

  • Qemu-kvm
  • Openvswitch
  • Libvirt
  • Libguestfs
  • V2V

Virt-test runner

  • Bootstrap or Configurations
# ./run -t libvirt --bootstrap
# ./run -t libvirt --update-config

Welcome to Virt Test’s documentation! — Virt Test 2014.04.14-167-g294a documentation