by shigemk2


97 Things Every Programmer Should Know 93 Write Code As If You Had to Support It for the Rest of Your Life

All advice is good, all principles are sound, and all stories are compelling, but where do you start?

More important, once you have started, how do you keep up with all the best practices you've learned, and how do you make them an integral part of your programming practice?

If you don't care about your fellow developers, testers, managers, sales and marketing people, and end users, then you will not be driven to employ test-driven development or write clear comments in your code, for example. I think there is a simple way to adjust your attitude and always be driven to deliver the best quality products: Write code as if you had to support it for the rest of your life.

the code you wrote many years ago still influences your career, whether you like it or not. You leave a trail of your knowledge, attitude, tenacity, professionalism, level of commitment, and degree of enjoyment with every method, class, and module you design and write.