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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know 18 Continuous Learning

Read books, magazines, blogs, Twitter feeds, and websites. If you want to go deeper into a subject, consider joining a mailing list or newsgroup. Always try to work with a mentor, as being the top guy can hinder your education. Not everyth…

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know 17 Comment Only What the Code Cannot Say

What of comments that are not technically wrong, but add no value to the code? A prevalence of noisy comments and incorrect comments in a codebase encourages programmers to ignore all comments, What then qualifies as value? Comments should…


プレーンテキストモードで送信しないと、 変なHTMLタグがつく。 hogehogefunction hoge() { return false; } あと、改行とかにも注意すること。 でないとiframe系の表示もおかしくなる


hogehogefunction hoge() { return false; }

対話によるCommon Lisp入門 42 p系メソッド

変数にはどんなデータも代入出来るので、 プログラムの実行中にデータ型を判定する必要が生じることがある。 listpとかsymbolpとか。 [1]> (listp (first '(a b c))) NIL [2]> (symbolp (first '(a b c))) T [3]> (integerp (first '(a b c))) NIL [4]> (ato…